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ISSFHK Cross Country Challenge Series 2020-21

Posted: November 13, 2020

Any student, staff member or parent who wants to get involved in the ISSFHK Cross Country Challenge Series 2020-21 should complete THIS form by Monday 16 November 2020. As a note, while some DC Staff are facilitating some organisational aspects of the event, this is an ISSFHK opportunity held outside of school and off campus.

There is a series of six events starting Monday 16 November 2020. All events have a 1.5km / 3km / 6km option.

You can run at your own time or together when we facilitate a run; keep an eye on Ding! for updates. If you run in your own time, you will need to send Mr Wilkinson a shot of your watch with details of the time / distance / elevation or steps (in some events). There will be a leader board set up on the ISSFHK website which you can view HERE.

This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, your friends, your parents and others from across ISSFHK schools. If you have any questions please see or email Mr Wilkinson at