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Primary Update

Posted: November 13, 2020

Good afternoon. 
This week threw us another curveball but it didn’t stop the continuity of learning. Yesterday and today students hopped onto their morning and afternoon Zooms, meeting with teachers and educational assistants, to go over the learning for the day and to keep the momentum going. 
This primary sector face to face class suspension over the last two days is unique. This isn’t a long term class suspension but one of just a few days. I think this gives me a good opportunity to review with you what online provision looks like under a variety of scenarios. 
We are ready to go with plans for three possible scenarios: 
Scenario 1: One day weather closure
In the event that face to face learning is suspended for the day due to a weather event such as a typhoon, we will move into a learning grid that provides choice across the day for students to engage in a variety of learning tasks. On a one-day weather closure, there will be a morning Zoom to set up the day but no afternoon Zoom.
Scenario 2: A few days of class suspension (like what happened this week)
Sometimes face to face learning may be suspended for a defined period of time of just a few days. In this instance, daily grids will be sent home and the day will begin and end with Zoom lessons. No small group lessons will occur during this space and the schedule will mirror the school day. For instance, if on a Thursday, your child’s class has PE and Art, their grid will reflect this with learning tasks from these specialists included. 
Scenario 3: Class suspension for an extended/undefined period of time
This brings us back to the grids we used during the Covid-related suspension of face to face lessons. These grids are weekly, including selected live lessons for Chinese and specialist areas, whole class Zooms that begin and end the day and small group Zoom lessons. 
It is important to note that depending on the time we as a school are notified of the need to switch into online learning, that grids may initially consist of one day at a time and move into a weekly grid model.
We can’t thank you enough for your agility over the last year. The important thing is that our plans are in place and we are prepared. 
Thank you for your continued support.
Kind regards
Josh Blue
Head of Primary