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Posted: November 20, 2020

Next Thursday 26 November 2020 is my favourite day of the year. Despite the fact that I’ve lived in Hong Kong for nearly 18 years, Thanksgiving remains my all-time favourite holiday. Of course, there’s the turkey and all the fixings that go along with it, but that’s not why it’s my favourite.

To me, Thanksgiving is the most inclusive of holidays. I know the history deserves a conversation – A BIG ONE – but I’m going to focus for now on the meaning. Thanksgiving is ultimately about coming together in friendship, in love and in community. It is a secular celebration, it includes everyone and it revolves around friends and family being together to celebrate friendship and love, to recognise the difficult times we’ve been through or are going through and how together, supporting each other, we’re stronger. It’s a time to pause, to reflect and to give thanks.

I know most of us say ‘Thank you’ multiple times a day but Thanksgiving is about the intentionality behind the ‘thank you’. It is taking a moment of pause and reflection to truly give thanks. I’d like to thank you, the parent community, for being open, honest and respectful in your communication. I appreciate engaging in conversations that help clarify understandings and bring us together as a community. I’d also like to thank you for reaching out. I know it has been hard for us to connect with current social distancing guidelines in place. If the year had been any other, many of you would have been on campus already for professional learning with our staff, information evenings and just a chat at the cafe. Despite that, you have still managed to make connections and share a word with me.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your continued support. None of us anticipated the last nine months a year ago. We’ve each had to navigate each new restriction, each piece of information with an open mind and an open heart. It doesn’t mean we are all 100% happy. Teaching with masks and partitions and social distancing has certainly not led to rejoicing in the staff room. School closures and online learning hasn’t led to an inbox full of ‘this is better than face to face learning’ (thankfully).

What it has done is brought us together. The biggest factor in all of this has been the kids themselves. It’s their resilience, their perseverance and their flexibility that has made the most of a challenging and difficult year.

Even if Thanksgiving isn’t on your radar and you’re not gearing up for a turkey-filled week, I’d encourage you to seek out someone in your life who you’d like to thank. The two words ‘thank you’ can make a world of difference to someone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Josh Blue
Head of Primary