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HKPSSA Cross Country Challenges

Posted: January 29, 2021

Do you walk or run?
Do you like to challenge yourself?
Do you like to compete against other students and other schools?

The Hong Kong Primary Schools Sports Association (HKPSSA) are organising four Cross Country Challenges from 1 February – 21 March and anyone who is a DC Primary student, staff member, parent or community member can join.

All you have to do is walk or run. This could be around your home, out in the community or in the hills. It doesn’t matter. Add how many kilometres you walk or run each week the challenge is on and complete the Google Form for each event.

Information will be loaded onto the HKPSSA Website HERE

There will be a leader board for the most kilometres by an individual BUT more importantly we are competing against the other 20 HKPSSA schools to make Discovery College the champions of each event. We are adding our distances and then seeing how many times we can walk around some very famous islands in the world.

If this sounds like you then join us. Dates and Google Forms for each event are listed below. If your family enters this challenge then each person in your family will need to complete the Google Form for each event they complete.

Put the challenge out for mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunty, nan…

  • Bora Bora Challenge – 1-7 February (Form HERE)
  • UK Challenge 15-21 February (Form HERE)
  • Hong Kong Challenge 1-7 March (Form HERE)
  • New Zealand (North Island) Challenge 15-21 March (Form HERE)

Simply add your distance over these weeks and then submit the form (e.g. Monday 2km + Tuesday 1.5km + Wednesday 4km + Saturday 5km + Sunday 3km = 15.5km)

NOTE: While some DC Staff are facilitating some organisational aspects of the event, this is a HKPSSA opportunity held outside of school and off campus.