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The 1st Online Chinese Language Festival 2020-2021

Posted: January 8, 2021

The English Schools Foundation (ESF) has proudly launched the online Chinese Language Festival, 2020-2021. This event is co-hosted by the Education University of Hong Kong and China International Education, and participated in by schools and education organisations worldwide as co-organisers. The festival aims to promote Chinese language education and to provide an opportunity for the participants to understand and appreciate Chinese culture. It is a platform for young learners to showcase their interest and talent in using the language to create and present, and to communicate with others.

Please read the key information about the festival below:

The Chinese Language Festival is held in 7 regions:

Participants: Students of 4-24 years old, in kindergarten, primary, secondary schools and universities.

Types of Entries:

Entry Submission: 30 November 2020 – 31 March 2021
Result Announcement: April 2021

Please click HERE or visit for detailed information.

ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 31 March 2020. Parents may contact your child’s Chinese teacher for more information.

Maggie Lee and Natasha Yuan
Heads of Chinese – Secondary and Primary