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Discovery College Sunshine Action Club

Posted: March 5, 2021

Sunshine Action is a Hong Kong based, humanitarian organisation that pledges to eliminate hunger and ease quality of life for the less-privileged. Discovery College, along with over 40 schools, has had the privilege of entering a partnership with Sunshine Action, displaying a propensity for productivity unique even among the other NGOs in Hong Kong. Discovery College’s Sunshine Action works in conjunction with all the other schools to take head-on the challenge that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the impoverished of Hong Kong.

Under the leadership of our Year 12 Sunshine Action ambassadors, Shreya, Ye-Won and Harshita, DC has organised support and aided in the activities which include, but are not limited to the distribution of fortune bags, food, clothes, medication and masks to the homeless. DC Sunshine Action also assists in the packing and organisation of such goods. The determined members of Sunshine Action have collectively worked on projects to execute successful plans. With subdivisions dedicated to communications, artwork and project teams centred around heading activities and handling logistics, DC’s Sunshine Action team always works diligently for the benefit of others.

In order to raise awareness about Sunshine Action and it’s activities, a Facebook and Instagram page have been created. Since its inception in 2018, Sunshine Action is wholly self-funded and relies on donations and fundraising projects to further expand its capabilities to support the poor.


Isaac and Darren, Year 12 Students