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Secondary Update

Posted: March 19, 2021

I am writing to update you on our plans for after the Easter Holiday. At the time of writing, we will continue be in a position to have all students on-site every day for half-days. This message is therefore written on the assumption that the current regulations from the EDB remain in place next term – naturally, if we have an update on these regulations between then and now that causes us to alter plans we will communicate with the community as needed at that point.

As we plan forward, we are using the following points to guide our planning:

  • We will continue to ensure the delivery of our planned curriculum through a blended learning approach that maximises the amount of time on-site.
  • We are committed to the three-block schedule whilst we still have an element of online learning.
  • We want to create opportunities to experience all subjects on-site, whilst still maintaining our contact time with students as far as possible.
  • The timings of the day should enable students the opportunity to access Secondary CCAs if they wish.
  • We provide as much opportunity for social distancing as possible whilst still enabling all students to access the College every day.
  • We aim to minimise disruption.

With these points in mind, we have decided to maintain the model of Secondary students accessing the school for the afternoon session. We have also taken the opportunity to align timings so that the Year 12 students also come in for the afternoon session.

This means that all students will follow these timings, using the same five-day timetable structure we have at the moment:

In order to ensure opportunities for students to experience different lessons and subjects on-site and to create a balanced experience, we will rotate the lesson blocks three times during next term, i.e., current Block 3 becomes Block 1, Block 1 becomes Block 2, Block 2 becomes Block 3.

The provisional schedule for these rotations will be as follows:

We hope that this approach will enable momentum towards the academic year and meet the aims outlined above. As each rotation occurs, the timetable in Ding! will be updated so students can simply check and follow the timetable from there.

Also, please be aware that students are not going to be using lockers, to minimise the congregation that occurs. They are reminded to be responsible for their belongings and to look at their timetables at the start of each day to ensure that the right materials are brought with them to school.

Thanks for your ongoing support and if anything changes between now and the start of next term, I will send a further update.

Best regards
Mark Poulsum
Head of Secondary