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Three-Way Conferences Years 7-12

Posted: March 12, 2021

Three-Way Conferences will take place, via Zoom, on Tuesday 20 April 2021 (1.30-5.30pm) and Thursday 22 April 2021 (1.30-5.30pm). These are 5-minute interviews with teachers, where you and your child are present and participating. The 5 minute bookings, whilst a short period of time, are designed to enable you to see as many teachers as possible within the number of spaces available.

The intention of these conversations is to focus on:

  • How are you going?
  • What do you need to work on?
  • How to make these improvements?

The teachers will use data to help inform the conversations and we would also encourage you to speak to your child before the meeting in order to help think about progress and any questions you may have.

We will use the ESF app to make these bookings. Instructions for booking appointments are available HERE. The booking system will open to all families on Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 9am and close on Sunday 18 April 2021 at 11.59pm.

We hope that the Three-Way Conferences will give you good insight to your child’s learning and their next steps.