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Webinar Series from SPOT Children’s Therapy Centre

Posted: March 5, 2021


The DCPTA is proud to present a webinar series lead by the team from SPOT Children’s Therapy Centre focussing on surviving, reviving and thriving in the current environment and into the future. These webinars will offer a comprehensive but relevant overview of what our children are currently facing and how parents can support their children using practical strategies and tools.

The webinar series topics and times are as follows:

  1. EMOTION COACHING – Wednesday 24 March at 6.30pm
  2. SELF REGULATION & LEARNING – Wednesday 14 April at 6.30pm
  3. MOTIVATION – Monday 19 April 19 at 6.30pm
  4. MOTIVATION – Targeted for Secondary School Parents – Wednesday 21 April at 6.30pm

We encourage you to join us so you can benefit from these highly skilled professionals and walk away with some key strategies to help your child during these unprecedented times.

Further information and links to the webinar will be sent to those individuals who have filled out the Google Form to demonstrate their expression of interest.