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Localised lockdown in Block 11 of Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung

Posted: April 30, 2021

You may have seen in news reports or social media that a localised lockdown has occurred in Tung Chung, and residents of the specified block have gone to a quarantine facility for a period of time.

This event has impacted a number of members of our DC community – in particular, a number of Primary and Secondary students and their families, and a member of our supply staff team. I want to express on behalf of our community our very best wishes to anyone affected, and our hopes that they will be as comfortable, healthy and safe as possible. We will remain in touch with the various individuals and families to offer support.

There are no specific links known to us that connect any of the affected students or staff to anyone who has Covid-19, apart from that they live in the specified building. The building-wide measures adopted therefore seem to be very much precautionary. The CHP communicates with schools if there is any specific risk to campus users that we should be aware of, or any need to alter operations. We have received no such communication and so continue to operate as normal.

We would remind all community members who are subject at any stage to a mandatory testing notice that the test should be completed, and a negative result obtained, before returning to the DC campus. If your child needs to be absent from school at any stage in relation to the above, please follow our usual processes for notifying absence by emailing and providing the reason for absence.