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International Mindedness Fair

Posted: June 25, 2021

The inaugural Discovery College International Mindedness Fair took place on Tuesday 22 June. This whole-day event, organised by the Student Council, had two important learning intentions:

  • Celebrate the diversity of the Discovery College community
  • Instil a sense of responsibility to address social injustices

These intentions were achieved through variety of activities, including:

  • A guest speaker event: Naomi Kellman FRSA, founder of Target Oxbridge, spoke to all secondary students about race in education, and how understanding concepts such as stereotyping and unconscious bias can help achieve equity in access to education
  • A teacher-led session: students learned to see issues through multiple perspectives and appreciate the importance of intercultural understanding
  • A series of short sharing sessions, celebrating different examples of leadership, advocacy and cultural expression across the Discovery College community
  • For nominated representatives of each Secondary Learning Team, a forum in which significant ideas associated with international mindedness were discussed

An international mindedness quiz also took place, and the highest-scoring student was Hazel Cheung of 7V! Congratulations to Hazel, who has won a book prize for her whole Learning Team.

The day was accompanied by musical performances and a ‘Big Draw’ to express key learning points, some photos of which are below. We were delighted to be joined by students from ESF Island School who took part in various elements of this important event.

Thanks go to the many people involved in making the day happen, including our Facilities team, technicians, teachers who led and/or supervised sessions, the sharing session presenters, and of course the Student Council. Discovery College looks forward to building on the learning that has taken place and finding further ways to foster international mindedness into the future.