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Primary Update

Posted: June 25, 2021

Earlier this year, I started an Explorer article with a blustery day Winnie the Pooh quote so I thought it would be fitting to end the year with another.

We have certainly been on quite the journey this year. I can honestly say this year has been nothing like I would have ever imagined. When I accepted the post of Head of Primary in November 2019, I never imagined my first year at DC would be like the one we’re wrapping up. It is quite easy after the experience we’ve shared this past year to think about the would-haves, could-haves, should-haves. Instead, however, I think we should focus on the things we have been able to control and the power that has come from our community as we celebrate the end of the year.

Thank you for reaching out, for asking questions, for engaging in respectful, kind dialogue. This year has brought a lot of emotion and I’ve appreciated the real and honest conversations we have shared. I have tried to be explicit and transparent in all communication and I appreciate you seeking to understand. Thank you for sharing your homes, your time, your energy helping your children engage through the mixed models of learning we’ve had to run with this year.

Thank you for offering your support and your care as we’ve navigated this year together. Learning communities are only as successful as the partnerships that exist between home and school. Thank you for continuing to be our partners as we strive to provide the best learning and most supportive opportunities for your children.

The final reports will go live on Tuesday 29 June and our day will finish at 12 noon on Wednesday 30 June.

To our families who are moving school, moving country – we wish the very best for your next chapter and remember you will always be part of the DC community. To those traveling over the summer, stay safe, stay well and give those family members an extra squash and a squeeze for all of us who may not be able to travel yet. And to those who will be here in Hong Kong over the summer, I hope you get some time to turn off, to relax and to reconnect as families.

I have everything crossed, from my fingers to my toes, for a smooth and full return in August.

Thank you again for making my first year at DC a special one and I look forward to our next journey ahead.

Warm regards
Josh Blue
Head of Primary