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Sending our love and care to Christian Romano

Posted: June 25, 2021

Many members of the DC community will be aware, and will have been greatly saddened to learn, that Christian Romano, an ESF alumnus and formerly an Educational Assistant at Discovery College, has been diagnosed with cancer. While this is an extremely difficult time for him and his family, the outpouring of support across our community, and also within Christian’s former school RCHK, has been enormous. The positive, kind wishes for Christian expressed by so many members of the community reflect the care that exists for him and the many connections he has to DC and ESF. The Romano family as a whole are also deeply connected to the College, with Christian’s brother Justin being an alumnus and Loretta and Pat being instrumental to the work of the College as staff members over many years from its earliest beginnings.

Knowing how much love and care exists for Christian, we would like to put something together to pass to Christian to express the DC community’s support. We would like to invite all members of our community – students, parents, staff – to send in a photo of themselves, making a ‘heart’ sign as shown below, to let Christian know that we are thinking of him and sending him all our good wishes. To submit a photo, click here; please submit by Friday 2 July 2021.

There is also a fundraising campaign occurring to support Christian given the medical costs involved with his vital treatment. If you would like to learn more about this campaign / make a contribution, please see the details here.