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Virtual Walk from DC to Siem Reap

Posted: June 18, 2021

During normal times, DC runs a ’No Boundaries’ week during which groups of students in Years 10-12 travel to different parts of the region. We look to cultivate sustainable partnerships for which students can make an authentic contribution through No Boundaries, and we have a very strong ongoing partnership with Treak Community Centre, in Cambodia. They offer an innovative Kindergarten and Primary Years education to disadvantaged communities in Siem Reap, making an enormous difference to the lives of their students. 

Unfortunately, they have been hit very hard by Covid – they are funded entirely through donations and supported by volunteers, and the lack of international travel has made it very difficult to resource their centre. So at DC we are hoping to do something to help.

A group of staff and students will be completing a ‘Virtual Walk from DC to Treak’, covering the ~2600km distance between DC and Siem Reap between 1 July and 17 August, with donations to sponsor their efforts. You can follow the ‘virtual journey’ on a map via this mission page. The core team is Mr Smith (Principal), Ms Fong (Science Teacher), Ryan Leung (Year 12 student), Mr Blue (Head of Primary), Mr Poulsum (Head of Secondary), Mr Lasscock (Deputy Head of College) and Ms Cheng (Business Manager), and they are joined by Ms Belinda Greer, ESF Chief Executive Officer! 

The core team is looking for other volunteers to join them, and add their steps to the journey! So if any students, staff or parents would like to get involved and can commit to doing some personal walking or running on a fairly consistent basis during 1 July – 17 August, please get in touch directly with There are spaces for up to 12 others on the team, first come first served.

Finally, the team would like to invite donations for the important work being done by Treak Community Centre – if you would like to donate, please visit the fundraising page. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and every dollar will go directly to supporting Treak and helping them provide an education to the young people in their community.