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PTA News

Posted: August 20, 2021

Welcome back and greetings to students, parents and staff of Discovery College. We hope you found some down time this summer and are ready for the school year ahead.

The DC Parent Teacher Association has witnessed significant changes to its role over the last year. Historically synonymous with uniforms and stationery, today’s DCPTA looks very different.

The DCPTA’s mandate is to support and enrich the school life of students, parents and teachers at Discovery College. Today, we are pleased to focus our energies to fulfil this role. This year, we will undertake to lead and organise fundraising initiatives throughout the academic year that will support and fund activities that will enhance students learning and enjoyment of school life for students and teachers alike.

One of our largest scale events is Family Fun Day, a most beloved event on the school calendar. And one that has been greatly missed. We have begun the early stages of planning and are looking for volunteers. Please consider getting involved and meet fellow parents in bringing this event to the school and larger DB community.

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