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Stationery and PTA Fees

Posted: August 12, 2021

The DC PTA and Stationery Fees for the academic school year 2021-2022 will be automatically deducted from your child’s ePayment account on Wednesday 18 August 2021.

Please log into Gateway to make sure you have sufficient funds in each of your child’s ePayment accounts prior to this date.


What are PTA and Stationery Fees?

PTA Fees are paid by all families; It is a requirement of the English Schools Foundation Ordinance that all parents of Discovery College join the DCPTA. The annual fee is $300 per family. PTA fees will be deducted from the ePayment account of the youngest enrolled sibling of each family.

Stationery Fees paid through ePayment are for all Years 1-6 students, and for currently enrolled Year 6 students moving into Year 7 in August 2021. These packs include exercise books and other tools that your child will use throughout the year.

What is included in these stationery packs for the School Year 2021-22 and how much will be deducted from my account for stationery?

Y1 Stationery Pack

Y2 Stationery Pack

Y3 Stationery Pack

Y4 Stationery Pack

Y5 Stationery Pack

Y6 Stationery Pack

Y7 Stationery Pack

I have a child that is starting Year 1, do I have to pay for stationery?

Yes, you will receive a separate email for Year 1 stationery once your child’s Gateway account has been activated.

My child is in Year 8-13, do I have to pay for stationery?

Yes. It is the responsibility of all Year 8-13 students to ensure they have the correct exercise books for each subject. Below are the links to sheets outlining the items required for purchase. Exercise books can be purchased individually and range from $10.50 onwards for the A4 exercise books and $39.50 for the hardbound Art Book.

Year 8 Stationery 

Year 9-11 Stationery

Year 12-13 Stationery

How do I Pay?

Login to Gateway and click the eNotice for your child(ren). If you have more than one child currently in Year 1-6, you will need to click on each child to pay for their stationery pack. The PTA dues are per family and will be deducted from the youngest child’s account.

On Wednesday 18 August 2021, the stationery fees will be deducted from your child(ren)’s ePayment account, and the PTA fee will be deducted from the ePayment account of the youngest enrolled sibling of each family. Please ensure sufficient funds in the account(s) prior to this date.

Where do I pick up my stationery that I have ordered?

Stationery for students starting in Year 1-6 will be ready in your child’s classroom on the first day of school (provided your PTA fees and stationery order have been paid through the ePayment system).

Year 7 can collect their stationery from their Deans.

For senior secondary students, if you need to buy exercise books or calculators, students can buy them from the main office at specific hours.

Who do I contact with questions?

Should you have questions regarding PTA and Stationery Fees, please contact

If you have trouble logging into Gateway please contact about setting up and topping up your ePayment account can be found here. Please contact if you have any questions about ePayment.

What are the timings when my child can buy the Stationery from the office? Stationery items will be sold from the main school office. The timings are listed below:

10.20 AM to 10.50 AM

1.45 PM to 2.10 PM

3.30 PM to 4.00PM

Please Note: Since the office gets very busy in the morning, we would like to request all students to come during the break to buy notebooks. We can only accept cash for stationery purchase in the office.