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Class Contact List and Class Parent Representative

Posted: September 3, 2021

The DC PTA is once again putting together a Class Contact List for parents use during the school year for Years 1-6. The purpose of the Class List is to enable families to support new friendships and help make connections for your child for social events such as playdates, birthday parties, etc. These lists will not be distributed to any third parties.

The lists are distributed on a year level basis and your details found within the Gateway system will be used unless you “Opt-out” of any/all of the information.

Please complete this form by Wednesday 8 September 2021 if you wish to opt out.

Class Parent Representative (CPRs)
We are also looking for Class Parent Representatives for all classes across Years 1-6. The role of a CPR is to act as a liaison for the parents in a class to the school, to help with school events and to work in partnership with the school providing perspective and insight. If you think you might be interested, please demonstrate your interest by completing section two found within the above google form.