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Hong Kong Government’s Student Grant Scheme

Posted: September 30, 2021

The Hong Kong Government’s Student Grant Scheme applies to every student attending a Secondary, Primary, or Kindergarten school in Hong Kong, making them eligible for a HK$2,500 grant payment. This scheme applies to ESF and all of our schools. Click here to see the information from the Education Bureau (EDB).


For parents who APPLIED for the grant last year:

  1. An application form (hard copy) with pre-printed student information will be mailed to you at your current mailing address on the Gateway in the next week or so.

  2. If the details on the form are correct, please complete the form.

  3. If there is a mistake on the pre-printed information, please amend the information (use blue/black pen and DO NOT use correction tape). Parents must sign next to the correction and the signature must be the same as the applicant’s signature.

  4. If returning the form by hand, please return the completed, signed form directly to College Reception, placing it in the appropriate dropbox according to your child’s year group on or before Monday 1 November 2021. Please do not place the form in an envelope if returning by hand.

    If returning the form by post, please address as follows:
    Student Grant Applications
    Discovery College
    38 Siena Avenue
    Discovery Bay

    Please note that it is not possible to submit the form by email or fax, and that any forms submitted by these or other electronic means will be disregarded.

For parents APPLYING for the FIRST TIME, or if your child has just joined our school this academic year: 

  1. A blank application form (hard copy) will be mailed to you at your current mailing address on the Gateway in the next week or so.

  2. Complete the whole form.

  3. Once the form is completed and signed, please see step 4 above.


Your application will be accepted but delayed, which will impact when you receive the grant.

Important notes: 

  • Should you need a new form, you can download the blank EDB form here. If there is a problem downloading the form from the link, please go to this website. 

  • DO NOT send applications to the ESF Centre or the Education Bureau. They will not be processed.

  • Email or scanned copies are not acceptable. 

  • You must fill in the BANK CODE correctly – for example, “003” for Standard Chartered Bank, “004” for HSBC, “024” for Hang Seng Bank.

  • You have to use a SOLE-NAME account to receive the grant. Joint accounts will not be accepted.  

  • For Form A Part I Student Information, please fill in the HKID card no. of the student, not parents.

  • The application process by EDB will take about six weeks. If you wish to make enquiries on your application or payment, the hotline of EDB’s Special Duties Office is 3850 2000 or