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New senior leadership responsibilities

Posted: October 29, 2021

As part of our identity as a through-school, we are making some changes to leadership responsibilities to achieve greater coherence and alignment across the student experience throughout Years 1-13.

A number of new ‘Whole College’ responsibilities are being established from August 2022, using the extensive skills and experience of our senior team to support them.

Kate Agars will take on the role of Vice Principal – Director of Pedagogy and Professional Learning

Ange Molony will take on the role of Vice Principal – Director of Curriculum

Brian McCann will take on the role of Vice Principal – Director of Student Support and Wellbeing

Jonny Tate will take on the role of Director of Co-Curricular

and our new Deputy Head of College, a position which is currently being recruited for, will take on the responsibilities of Director of Strategic Performance and Quality Assurance.

These colleagues will work across Years 1 – 13 to support all aspects of the student experience.

In addition, strong sectoral leadership for both Primary and Secondary will continue, with Josh Blue and Mark Poulsum continuing their roles as Head of Primary and Head of Secondary respectively. They will be supported by Andy Eastwood as Vice Principal – Deputy Head of Primary, and Annette Garnett as Vice Principal – Deputy Head of Secondary.

These exciting changes will allow us to live and breathe our identity as a through-school even more effectively, creating a more coherent, aligned and continuously-improving student experience. This brief precis will be followed up in our next edition of the school magazine, Shi Jie, with a detailed overview of how senior leadership will continue to support the College’s development next year and beyond.