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Primary Update

Posted: October 8, 2021

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your involvement and open communication during our first eight weeks of this school year. With Parent-Teacher Conferences conducted over the last two nights, I have heard nothing but positive and warm feedback from teachers about how lovely ‘my parents’ have been. 

We truly value the opportunity to engage in open and honest dialogue around your child’s learning and experiences at school. These positive relationships we nurture with you through Zoom conferences, emails and phone calls make a world of difference and bring you into the learning community.

As the year progresses I’m still optimistic that we’ll be able to have parents on site again soon. We are busy making plans for day camp experiences with the first ‘camp’ experience coming up for our Year 6s in November. Slowly but surely we are returning to the things that we’ve missed and took for granted pre-pandemic. 

In that spirit, we didn’t have a great uptake of Class Parent Representatives from our first call out so a second call out will happen after the mid-term break. Once this group is confirmed, we’ll start talking about what we might be able to do with the guidelines we currently have. 

As swimming has finished for our Year 4-6s, their PE lessons will be moving outside as much as possible. It is a requirement that students in Years 4-6 wear their DC hats during outside PE Lessons. Please take the opportunity over the midterm to purchase a DC hat through the uniform website, label it clearly with your child’s name and put it in their school bag for when classes resume on October 18th. 

Although I’m sure the kids next week will be engaged with 101 different activities, please do make sure they are also getting additional time to rest, relax and recoup. I look forward to hearing from them after the holiday. 

Thank you for everything that has been and for what is to come.

Josh Blue
Head of Primary