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David Greenberg – Author Visit

Posted: November 19, 2021

As part of Book Week (13 -17 December) we are excited to share that all students in Years 1-7 will be attending a poetry assembly on 13 & 14 December in the theatre with visiting author/poet David Greenberg.  


“Writing and reading are by no means easy to master. It is my goal to make words so delightful that children will be inspired to do their best with the tough slog of learning. I read fun, funny work and show captivating illustrations to do this. A great deal of success, though, is attitude. Most authors I know have had to rewrite their work many times and have had it rejected many (even countless) times. In my poetry assemblies I make a major point of talking about the rejections I’ve received for my writing, and how, in the face of this, I’ve persisted.”

Next week all Primary students will receive an order form for pre-ordering signed copies of David’s books. A copy of the order form is here.

Thanks go to the PTA who are partly sponsoring this event. Further details about Book Week activities will be shared in next week’s Explorer.