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No Boundaries 2021 – Empathy, Discovery, Adventure..and the Hustle!

Posted: November 19, 2021

It has been wonderful to see such excitement, joy and engagement from all of our students during No Boundaries week. The adventure, camaraderie and learning that has taken place has shown Discovery College at its best. Whether students have ‘given it a go’ by trying something new, explored the far reaches of Hong Kong, or completed courses such as Teen Mental Health, our students have risen to the challenge.

We are very proud that such a rich and diverse range of activities have been able to take place as they are a key part of the educational experience at Discovery College. It has certainly been the case that students have been able to live the DC Outcomes by Taking Principled Action, Being Agentic through their choices, and Being Internationally Minded as they learned about themselves and others, so that they could not only Achieve Highly in new ways but Flourish as they did so.

We appreciate the support of our parent community and hope you have enjoyed the excitement and stories that your children have brought home each evening.

A huge thank you to all DC staff members for their enthusiasm and commitment to the programme. In particular, I would like to thank Jonny Tate and Chris Ryan for their amazing and tireless work that made this week happen. I would also like to recognise the fantastic work that happens behind the scenes to ensure No Boundaries runs smoothly. Thanks in particular to Margaret Lee, Natalia Eddy and George Tibbetts for their work over the last few weeks and months in making the magic happen.

Have a great weekend ahead and I hope your children move into the weekend feeling fulfilled, happy – and probably a little bit tired!

Best wishes

Mark Poulsum
Head of Secondary