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Wonderful News from the Romanos

Posted: December 3, 2021

It is said that miracles happen at this time of the year, so here is one for you. In June we were all touched by the challenges facing Christian Romano with his stage 4 cancer diagnosis. His very rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma surprised everyone especially his oncologists who have never treated this type of cancer previously.

During these past 6 months Christian has undergone aggressive treatment in HK and Adelaide. He has been extremely ill with chemo side effects but has tackled every obstacle head-on.

Yesterday Christian received the news that he was cancer free. Even his doctors couldn’t believe the results! While we celebrate this news there are many hurdles to still overcome. Christian and his family know this couldn’t have happened without all the support and dedication given to Christian’s cause. The love that surrounded him made a huge difference! Christian will be forever grateful to the DC and DB community along with HK for being with him on his journey.

Thank you, thank you, from Christian and the Romano family.