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Learning Arrangements after Chinese New Year

Posted: January 28, 2022

You will very likely have seen that the EDB has announced the continuation of the current class suspension until after 20 February. Online learning will therefore continue for Years 1-12 during this period.

For Year 13, as they are our exam cohort, students in this year group will be able to return to campus for lessons and other learning activities from Tuesday 8 February onwards, although as per government requirements they will need to have departed campus by 2pm.

Students and parents in Secondary should please consult the Secondary Update in this edition of the Explorer for important information on aspects such as timetabling arrangements and specific Year 13-related provisions to allow us to meet the necessary requirements while continuing student learning effectively. 

Please note that, although ESF-wide messages to parents on Thursday 27 January referenced Year 11 also as being an exception to the on-campus class suspension, this only applies to Year 11s taking public examinations at 5 of the ESF Secondary Schools, as per the EDB. Year 11s at Discovery College (and Renaissance College) are not a public examinations cohort, and will continue to learn online after Chinese New Year.