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Reading over the CNY break

Posted: January 28, 2022

If you’re looking for something to read over the Chinese New Year Holiday and are wanting to travel to other lands but are unable to, why not explore a selection of books written by our budding authors in Year 5. Students have researched and inquired into the Earth’s biomes and have produced some beautiful examples of non-fiction texts. These books, with pages written in English and Chinese, were designed using the publishing tool Canva. Students used many of the key features of non-fiction texts in their designs. In order to recognise their achievements we wanted to celebrate their creativity and graphic design skills by publishing their work. Many of them are available via our Library catalogue by searching Y5 21-22 Biome E-books.  A few examples to highlight are  Fiona Chen’s Ocean biome book, Abbey Chang’s Ocean biome book and Liv Johannsen’s Desert biome book.  While they are by no means perfect, their work is substantial and took several weeks to complete and may even lead to a future career as authors or graphic designers.