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Transcript and Reference Request

Posted: February 18, 2022

Families are requested to notify the school Admissions Office immediately upon confirming that their children will be withdrawing from Discovery College. A minimum of two weeks notice is requested to ensure that all documentation can be arranged to assist students in their transfer to another school.

If you require a reference or a copy of the school transcript, please contact the Vice Principal for your child’s year group and the Admissions Manager, who will oversee the collection and collation of information from different staff members. These are:

Years 7-8 Annette Garnett –
Years 9-10 Ange Molony –
Years 11 Jonny Tate –
Year 12-13 Brian McCann –

Admissions Manager – Lorena Heath –
If individual subject specific referrals are required, please indicate this as an action for the Vice Principal for your child’s year group to coordinate.

We ask that you inform us and allow 10 business days to complete the process. Before we share information directly to the school, we will need to know:

– the contact address (email) of the individual at the intended school to whom we send the information
– the information requested, e.g. reference, transcript

We are not able to provide open references – the reference will not be shared with the student or the family but sent directly to the notified educational institutions.

Please note that we only provide a reference according to the Discovery College Reference Form. We are not able to complete references/transcripts in other formats, e.g. that are suggested or requested by a receiving school, as different schools use a wide variety of formats and these may not be well-aligned with the information Discovery College has for its students.

For families considering leaving the school, we recommend you take a look at our withdrawal policy and follow the outlined steps. Please click HERE for further information.