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Attendance Update

Posted: March 4, 2022

Please can you ensure that if you travel overseas with your child/ren, that you contact our main office to inform them of your location, your intended dates of being based overseas, as well as the intention of when your child will attend Zoom lessons whilst we are online. Each day the Learning Team is classified as a class, due to the important information shared. Should the time zone prevent your child from attending any class, they are to access the lessons through the designated Google classroom. This is where all the lessons are to be accessed. Teachers and Dean of Year level will monitor the work submitted.

If your child is to be absent from Zoom lessons, for whatever reason, ideally you will inform the office with their full name and year group by 8.30am. We understand that due to changing circumstances you may need extra time to do this, so we kindly ask that we are informed no later than 12.30pm on the same day. This can be done by contacting

We are manually downloading attendance registers by the teachers in each lesson at the end of each day, and then are monitoring it to ensure that they are accessing the curriculum. If you have contacted the school, this will still register as known absences.  

There are some instances where students inform the teacher that they will miss individual lessons or whole days rather than the parents. Please note that we do need contact from parents to confirm absence.

Thanks for your help with this, and we appreciate your support.