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Cobra Unity Trophy Competition – Week 1

Posted: March 25, 2022

Cobra teams have been invited to compete in weekly online challenges to promote teamwork, socialisation and healthy competition. Each week will be a new challenge for the teams to compete in order to be named the winners of the Cobra Unity Trophy!


The first challenge will be a 10 minute Team Burpee Challenge. Google Classrooms have been set up for the teams to compete with the Senior Sports Captains taking charge of the organisation.

The basic rules of this challenge are as follows:

  • The Captains will organise groups to take part. A maximum of 10 per group.       
  • Each team captain will organise a Zoom meeting to complete the challenge live. One after the other, the team members complete the maximum number of burpees directed by the captain in 10 minutes.
  • Everyone in your team must have a go before someone can start again.
  • Other team members are responsible for keeping score and judging the standard.
  • After everyone has completed the burpees, all the scores are added up and divided by the number of athletes in that group.
  • The highest average score is the winner.
  • Captains to record the challenge for verification.

Captains will submit their best entries to the Sports Coordinator by 8.30am on Tuesday 29 March. The winners will be announced in the next Explorer.