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Discovery College – House Shirt ‘DREAM’ Photo Challenge

Posted: March 11, 2022

From Monday 14 to Friday 25 March 2022

Wear your House Shirt and take a photo of yourself in it. 

Photoshop or superimpose yourself into a location or place that you would like to be (a good way of doing this is to put your favourite place/photo/thing as a virtual background on Zoom and then take a screenshot of it). It might be somewhere that you like or think is special. It could even be with someone famous or a delicious food that you like. Any of your family members can also take a photo in a House shirt (or their child’s House colour) and submit it.

Please submit your photo by filling in this Google Form – one form per person. All photos submitted will be added to a video and shared through the Explorer as well as with Class Teachers and Learning Advisors for everyone to view.

Yellow House Captains