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Indieflix Movie Series #4 – Nevertheless – Sign up by 9am Monday 28 March 2022

Posted: March 25, 2022

Our Indieflix documentary series continues next week with our Year 10 students watching the film Nevertheless on Monday 28 March 2022. Read below to find out how you can sign up to watch the film too!

Nevertheless examines many of the issues at play with the challenging but pervasive issue of sexual harassment. This issue has been frequently in the headlines with high profile cases over the past few years, and #MeToo and Time’s Up have been important rallying forces. But what’s going on beneath these headlines? Is anything really changing? And what do we all need to do, now, to ensure a safer, more equitable future for our children?

Taking a look behind these headlines, Nevertheless follows the intimate stories of seven individuals who have experienced and overcome sexual harassment in the workplace or at school. From a writer’s assistant on a top TV show, to a tech CEO, to a 911 dispatcher, the film’s subjects spotlight the stories of survivors who are shifting our culture. Workplace sexual harassment is not a ‘women’s issue’ – it is something that is born out of our collective culture and it affects everyone. We all need to be involved in its solution, and this film is a powerful way to start the conversation.

In 50 minutes, Nevertheless engages its audience through personal stories, educates via an impressive and diverse team of experts, provides the space for individual reflection, and empowers people to see a better path, as well as how important their individual contribution is.

Why is this important for our students? The sooner we can give people the tools to recognise and talk about issues of gender stereotyping, sexism and unconscious bias, the more freedom we give them to stand up for themselves and understand and support each other, so we can shift the cycle of harassment and its damaging repercussions. 

Watch the Nevertheless Trailer Here

Part of our commitment with our Indieflix screenings is to provide the opportunity for parents and guardians to watch alongside their children at home. If you would like to watch the entire documentary with your family please sign up via this form by Monday 28 March at 9am. Please note there are limited views available and these will be allocated according to sign up time.

We would like to thank the DCPTA for their support in bringing these films to our community.