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Online Resources Spotlight

Posted: March 11, 2022

Concerned about your child searching on Google? This week I’d like to spotlight several quality online databases that we have available for our students: PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and Britannica School. These options provide a safer place to search, discover, and explore although we still recommend adult supervision while browsing. All these databases are password-protected and must be accessed from our virtual learning environment Ding.

PebbleGo is suitable for Lower Primary students (Y1-3)

Engaging read-aloud audio Each article is read by real voice actors, not robotic text-to-speech, modeling correct pronunciation and fluency and includes text highlighting for readers of all abilities to follow along

Simple navigation – With guided keyword searching, large visual search, and consistent navigation, information is easy to find and recognise

Text appropriate for readers – Every sentence is carefully written to be at the right level for comprehension and engagement for early and pre-readers

Extended learning – Learning opportunities abound with video and/or audio accompanying most articles, source citation resource, and a “Share What You Know” activity with a printable template, ideal for first reports.

PebbleGo Next  is suitable for upper primary students (Y4-6)

Increases understanding, regardless of reading ability with scaffolding supports:

  • Authentic read-aloud audio
  • Academic vocabulary words with definitions
  • Images, video, and audio in each article

Enhances instruction with critical thinking questions to encourage reflection and connection

Fosters independence in learners with simple, consistent navigation

Britannica Online School

Students can toggle between three reading levels on each article, have articles read aloud, and use Merriam-Websters’s double click dictionary to hear words pronounced and read their definitions in English or Spanish. Each article can also be translated into over 80 languages. Our Primary students may search in the Elementary section and use the read aloud option and as they grow older move onto searching the Middle database before finally moving onto High.

Students can:

  • Search for articles on people, places, and things
  • Watch and learn with videos and animations
  • Have fun with games and activities

Please contact if you have any further questions about these or any of our online resources.