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Cobra Unity Cup – Week 2 results

Posted: April 29, 2022

The results from the second week of the Cobra Unity Trophy competitions are in!

The Cobra Swim Squad is still holding strong, with an outstanding amount of sit-ups in 10 minutes. You can tell they do a lot of these in their land-based training sessions. Golf have made a good comeback this week, showing how important core strength is for your golf swing. The Cross-Country team have showed that they have remained committed to their training outside of school, highlighting their general fitness levels with a solid 2nd position in the overall standings.

Stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon.

WEEK 2 RESULTS – Sit Ups in 10 minutes
1st Swim Team – 214
2nd Golf Team – 137
3rd Badminton – 120.5
=4th Football – 120
=4th Cross Country – 120
6th Girls Volleyball  Р70
7th Boys Volleyball – no submission