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Full Day Arrangements for 25 April 2022 and beyond

Posted: April 22, 2022

As stated previously, we are running a 6-Day Cycle full-day timetable. Students are to have arrived and be in school for 8.20am. Individual information per class has been, or will shortly be, shared; class communication will inform you when PE lessons and Library days are, so students are dressed accordingly and have their books ready to return.

A new May six-day cycle calendar will be released next week. Dismissal times remain staggered for pick-up:
Years 1 and 2: 3.05pm Foreshore
Years 3 and 4: 3.10pm Front Entrance
Years 5 and 6-: 3.15pm Front Entrance

As we will have full days at school from Monday 25 April, please ensure you are sending your child to school with their water bottle, snack and lunch and all items are labelled.

We are delighted that we will be able to resume our usual Secondary timetable, running from 8.20am to 3.30pm. Full details have been shared with the students through email. As we will be running full days, please ensure your child has their water bottle, snacks and lunch.