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Green Cobras Reusable Mask

Posted: April 22, 2022

Show off your creativity in the Green Cobras Mask Design Contest.

More people in our school are using throwaway masks instead of reusable ones. Throwaway masks are more harmful to the environment. There is more pollution than ever with the virus. So to solve this problem, we want to invite YOU to join, and inspire other people to be more eco-friendly and use reusable masks.

The Green Cobras are doing a collab with another school, KGV. Every student who joins will have the chance to make their own design – there is no theme so go crazy, and design whatever you want to! Just make sure you use the template, then submit your design through this form by Monday 25 April. Once the designs are submitted, they will be judged by teachers from DC, KGV, and the mask company. The most liked design will be put onto masks, and then you can buy it!

We look forward to seeing your entries!

Link –