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Primary Update – 6-Day Cycle and Final Conferences for the Year

Posted: April 29, 2022

6-Day Cycle Calendar for May

Please click here for the 6-Day Cycle Calendar for the month of May. 

I have had a few queries about why we are using the 6-Day Cycle for this term. I acknowledge it isn’t what we are generally used to, and it does mean we have to think beyond a Monday-Friday routine.

The six-day timetable has been implemented until the end of this academic year primarily because it allows the most flexibility if the HK Government, CHP or EDB change their guidelines and/or suspend certain year levels/classes for a Covid outbreak. 

It allows everyone, whether online or F2F, to continue learning seamlessly.

For example, if Year 3 gets suspended and needs to go online, all provision — including Chinese and Specialist areas — can proceed without disruption as we would then have staff conducting online lessons and facilitating F2F classes. 

When coming up with the timetable for this term, we needed to consider different scenarios, and this is the model that worked best (out of the many we have had to design and redesign over the last two years). It allows us to have one consistent timetable for the entirety of the term and not have to constantly communicate new timetables and schedules.

An additional benefit of this timetable is a balance of specialist provision; with the term having so many public holidays and on the same days (Mondays/Fridays), it helps ensure balanced provision for all students. This was not the reason the timetable was created but was a bonus that came as a result. 

It is not intended that a 6-Day timetable would carry on beyond the current academic year, as we remain optimistic that things will continue to improve for schools and Hong Kong. Even if the wider situation does not change markedly for August, I think it likely that at that point we would be putting forward a return to a five-day calendar timetable as was previously in place. 

Year 6 Exhibition Planning and Progress Meetings with Parents and Students on ZOOM – Tuesday 17 May

Tuesday 17 May will be a No Student Day for YEAR 6. In place of the Term 3 Student-Led Conferences, Year 6 students and their parents will take part in planning and progress meetings linked to their PYP Exhibition. Similar to conferences, these meetings will be attended by parents and their child to lay out where they are at with their Exhibition, what support they might need moving forward, to receive early feedback, and to clarify direction. These meetings provide an intentional time and space to support the Exhibition process as a learning community. 

A reminder, Years 1-5 students WILL be on campus on 17 May. Further communication and sign-up information will follow to Year 6 families next week.

Primary Student-Led/ Three-Way Conferences on Zoom: Years 1-5–Wednesday 25 May

Term 3 normally brings our Student-Led Conferences where families and students are on-site to talk through and reflect on personal learning journeys. This year, similar to last year, we will need to take these conversations onto Zoom. 

Wednesday 25 May will be a No Year 1-5 students on-campus day (this has been reflected in the 6-Day Cycle); instead, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for a conference time with your child and their class teacher. The role of the class teacher in the conference will vary dependent on Year level, but this will very much be an opportunity to reflect and celebrate together on this past year. 

More information and sign-up details will follow during the second week of May.

Year 6 students WILL attend Campus on Wednesday 25 May. We will be able to continue to provide school bus service for all Eastway routes for our Year 6 students on this day. Specific information regarding the Eastway service for this day will be shared in due course. This day will provide the opportunity for intensive PYP Exhibition work supported by Specialist teams across Primary.