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Composting @ Discovery College

Posted: June 10, 2022

With the assistance of DB Management, the DC team has managed to secure three compost bins to manage our school’s food waste. As the Green Cobras, we would like to bring awareness to these bins that have already been implemented since 1 June! 

Three food waste bins from the Environmental Protection Department have been established, each holding 120L. There is one bin in the G/F Cafeteria, one in the 2/F cafe deck area and one in the kitchen. These bins are carefully placed and managed to avoid any bugs. To get optimal usage, please use these bins responsibly and throw any access food waste there.

The food waste is brought to O’park, a Waste-to-Energy facility outside DB, where it is turned into electricity and plant fertiliser, minimising the impact on the environment. We are still examining how well the compost bins are used and cared for in our DC community, so please spread the awareness and use them!