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DC Student Dress Code

Posted: June 10, 2022

Over the past six months, representatives of the Student Council have been working alongside members of the College Leadership Team to review our approach to student dress code. The guiding question has been:

How might we create a school dress code that is comfortable, inclusive, flexible, safe and adaptable for students while allowing them to express and represent themselves so that students have a sense of pride about going to DC?

The working group has followed an extensive design thinking process to address this question, and consulted with a range of students and staff across both Primary and Secondary sectors.

We have now arrived at a final outcome that can be found through this link and will be formalised in the Parent Handbook over the summer.

The key points from the document include:

  • Year 1-11 students will continue to wear the DC polo shirt as this is a key element of clothing that creates a sense of identity, pride and belonging to our community.
  • Year 1-11 students will need to wear plain black lower body garments (skirts, shorts etc) but these do not have to be DC branded clothing. The aim is to allow for an increased level of comfort and flexibility for the students. The DC shorts will still be available from the uniform website.
  • Secondary students will be able to have an increased level of personal expression within the dress code, with details of this outlined in the document linked above.

Over the coming weeks, these updates will be communicated with the students and we will engage them in discussions linked to the key changes and how to follow the dress code appropriately.