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DC students shine at The Big Science Competition

Posted: June 10, 2022

The Big Science Competition is an international contest (based in Australia) for high school students. We invited students to participate – on a completely voluntary basis; 17 DC students (from Year 7 to Year 11) registered and completed the competition at school in May. The results have just been released and we have three students receiving “High Distinction” because they scored in the top 5% globally, and another three students receiving “Distinction” because they scored in the top 20%. The full list of participants and results is below.

High Distinction (top 5%)
Sophie Chan
Alex Zeng
Ian Suh

Distinction (top 20%)
Lindsey Cha
Vihaan Tripathi
Jae Won Park

Credit (top 50%)
Charli Chitty
Jio Kim
Jungwoo Kim
Walter Oh
Felicia Tam
Pearl Valentino
Yashasvini Agarwal

Kavish Bhargava
Rishabh Khanna
Malhar Kulkarni
Jaslyn Thind