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Indieflix Movie Series #5 – RACE to be Human

Posted: June 10, 2022

Over 400 families signed up for our earlier screenings of documentaries from Indieflix. We hope these thought-provoking documentaries and supporting resources stimulated good conversations at home.

For our final documentary of the Indieflix series, we will be showing RACE to be Human to Year 7-12 students on Wednesday 15 June.

RACE to be Human addresses the impact of race and racism on mental health through the lens of students, experts, and educators, as well as how we collectively move towards equity through healthy conversations.


The film, that includes micro-stories from Discovery College students, delves into the effects of race and racism on individuals and our communities with:

  • Kids and teens discussing their experiences with race and racism, and its impact on their lives and relationships.
  • Expert perspectives on the history, present-day occurrences, and effects, of racism.
  • Essential definitions and guidelines that help create safe spaces for cross-cultural dialogues about race and racism.
  • Discussion around allyship, as well as what action and accountability may look like to start shaping a more inclusive and equitable society today.

Part of our commitment to this important aspect of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to provide the opportunity for parents to watch alongside their children at home. There will also be supporting resources available to help guide conversations at home. This movie is likely to be suitable for parents of Year 6 to Year 13 students.

We have 130 views available and please sign up using this form by Wednesday 15 June if you wish to watch the entire documentary with your family.

Please note there are limited views available and these will be allocated according to sign up time.