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Personal Project Exhibition

Posted: June 24, 2022

Now that all the Personal Project reports have been sent to the International Baccalaureate for moderation, and grades/certificates will be awarded in September 2022, it was time for the Personal Project Exhibition. The Year 11 students shone sharing their Personal Project exhibitions on Thursday 16 June. The Personal Project is a great way for them to present their self-regulated learning over the year, as a culmination of the five years of MYP studies. The project is a thorough reflection on what it truly means to be agentic learners, and to embody the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. As supervisors and teachers, we were proud to see our Year 11 students’ personal passions drive their dreams, fostering their growth in the approaches to learning skills, and guiding them to discover their full potential. We are also proud to have such a strong DC community who supported their endeavours and wellbeing, despite all the challenges we were all facing over the pandemic.

Due to social distancing regulations, the Year 11s were only able to share their valuable learning experience with their Year 10 schoolmates. We hope next year there is a chance to invite the wider DC community to come and visit the Personal Project exhibitions in person. Please enjoy the following photos we have taken from this event!