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Primary Start of Year

Posted: August 26, 2022

At the end of our first week together as a community and my first week in our wonderful school, I wanted to convey my appreciation and gratitude for all our exchanges. From our smiles during drop off, to meeting our Year 1 parents, to our conversations at the end of the school day, I am truly grateful for all of your positive interactions and warm welcomes.

What a great first week it has been. Seeing all our new students on Monday, welcoming returning students on Tuesday, seeing our newest members of our community in Year 1 eager for their first day of school: it has truly been a memorable experience. Then, add into that a typhoon day, I really do feel part of an enthusiastic and adaptable team and I hope your children do too!

From the first ‘Good morning’ with your children, I have been incredibly impressed with their polite conversational skills and excellent manners. As an educator who very much values good manners, I feel lucky to be part of your child’s team as they begin or continue their learning adventure with us. 

Below you will find a selection of photos of our students in this first week – they certainly made me smile, I hope they start your weekend off with a smile too. We cannot wait to share learning moments with you and exciting up-and-coming events here in the Explorer.

Year 1
In Year 1, we had some lovely pictures taken on our first day. As we are settling into our new school, more pictures will follow next week!

Year 2
In Year 2, we had a great team building lesson that ended in this fabulous photograph. We loved getting to know each other and our new class teachers.

Year 3
In Year 3, we were seen building positive relationships in 3JGR through a scavenger hunt. In 3SMD, we were showing off our super big smiles, while developing emotional literacy. In 3CHN, we discovered our learning friends and in 3DNE we discovered new and interesting books and stories.

Year 4
In Year 4, the students have had a great first week. In one of the photographs they used their communication, teamwork and perseverance skills in a class task using a pack of playing cards.

Year 5
Year 5 had a fantastic first few days exploring story sculptures and settling into new routines.

Year 6

Year 6 have spent time settling into their new spaces and realising they are now in the oldest year group within Primary. A wonderful year of learning awaits them.