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Rapid Antigen Test Distribution

Posted: August 18, 2022

You may be aware that the Hong Kong SAR government is continuing with the requirement for all school students to undertake a RAT test daily prior to attending school (unless exempted under prevailing government policy). We therefore ask that all parents continue to record their child’s RAT test result (/exemption if applicable), alongside their temperature, each morning using the ESF App. To do this, please click the ‘Ding! VLE’ button on the App’s homepage and scroll down to the relevant section. Students should only attend school once this is done, and parents may be asked to attend school to collect their child if this declaration remains incomplete.

To assist families with this government requirement, DC will issue free RAT test kits to all families. A first batch of kits will be distributed to students at school during 25-26 August, covering the period up to 16 September. This means that parents will need to use their own kits for the first few days of term please, until this distribution has been able to take place. 

A second batch will be distributed in the week of 12 September, covering the period up to 7 October. Thereafter we will monitor any further government announcements and consider further distribution as appropriate.