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Reminder – Student Dress Code

Posted: August 18, 2022

As announced before the summer, recent changes have occurred to the student dress code following a detailed consultation and decision-making process involving the DC Student Council. The  revised dress code can be viewed here and in the Parent and Student Handbook. A summary of key points:

  • Year 1-11 students will continue to wear the DC polo shirt as this is a key element of clothing that creates a sense of identity, pride and belonging to our community.
  • Year 1-11 students will need to wear plain black lower body garments (skirts, shorts etc) but these do not have to be DC branded clothing. The aim is to allow for an increased level of comfort and flexibility for the students. The DC shorts will still be available from the uniform website.
  • Secondary students will be able to have an increased level of personal expression within the dress code, with details of this outlined in the document linked above.

It is important that all students adhere to a high standard of dress and we will be placing emphasis on this at the start of term and on an ongoing basis thereafter. Please be reminded also that DC clothing items can be purchased via the online uniform shop

The PTA Shop will be open throughout the year on selected days to facilitate fittings for any student/parent wishing to make use of this service. It is necessary for parents to make a booking – details of this process, and opening days/hours, will be announced soon.