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Students undergoing the ‘Medical Surveillance’ period

Posted: August 18, 2022

Following the introduction of the Vaccine coloured QR code system by the Hong Kong SAR Government in the last few weeks, new guidance has been issued to schools regarding students who are undergoing medical surveillance / have been issued with an Amber health code (e.g. after completing hotel quarantine following their return to Hong Kong from overseas). This guidance includes the following stipulations:

  • Students who are undergoing medical surveillance and who continue to test negative for Covid-19 may return to school during this period;
  • They may not take part in ‘mask-off’ activities
  • They are required to eat lunch in a separate location

‘Mask-off’ activities at DC are very limited anyway, and generally apply to the following:

  1. Within the taught curriculum: PE (e.g. swimming), Music (e.g. playing woodwind instruments).
  2. Co-curricular Sport

For ‘1’ above, this will be monitored by staff in the relevant areas and if your child is undergoing medical surveillance, they may be asked to complete an alternative activity. In particular, for the forthcoming Primary Swimming programme please note that students undergoing medical surveillance will not be able to take part in sessions until medical surveillance is complete.

For ‘2’, above, please consider your child’s medical surveillance before signing them up for an activity involving ‘mask off’. They are welcome to participate fully once they have completed the medical surveillance period.

For lunch arrangements, students undergoing medical surveillance will be provided with a separate eating venue and must attend here rather than going to any of the other existing designated eating venues.

In order to assist DC in planning the logistics connected with this, if you haven’t already done so it is very important that you complete the Covid-19 Health Declaration for your child/ren immediately as per the instructions in our recent App message. We thank you for your help with this.