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CCA Vaccination Status Clarification

Posted: September 9, 2022

CCA enrolment is remaining open until 9.00am on Monday 12 September, and we would like to clarify the vaccination requirements for CCAs as they can appear quite complex.

Ding! vaccination records: The only data reference we will be using for your child’s vaccination status will be pulled from the documents uploaded to Ding!. We therefore ask that you make sure your child’s records are kept up-to-date.

From 9 – 30 September:  The EDB guidelines for COVID-19 state, “currently for individual students who have received two doses of vaccine for more than 14 days, can participate in Co-Curricular Activities.”

From 1 October onwards: Vaccination status will be dependent on the type and time of vaccination for certain age groups. Therefore we ask you to please refer to the tables and examples below for specific details.



Explanatory notes

  1. A student is eligible to participate in CCAs if they received two doses on or before 1 October 2022, and are still within the time interval waiting to receive the third dose of the vaccine. They should receive the third dose of vaccine within one week upon their eligibility. See above for intervals between doses.
  2. Generally speaking, a person who has been infected with COVID-19 before or after any vaccination, requires one less dose of a vaccine than others. e.g. an 11 year old student with one BioNTech, a 14 year old student with two BioNTech/Sinovac doses would be able to participate in CCAs, if they have been previously infected.
  3. If a recovered student has received the first dose of vaccine at least 14 days before the infection, they will be considered as having completed two doses of vaccine. They would then fall into the situation as in II above, and they need to then receive an additional dose within one week upon their eligibility to do so.
  4. If a student has never received the vaccine, and has been infected with COVID-19, they can be vaccinated after 30 days from the date of recovery. If this dose is received, they can participate in CCAs as this will be counted as completed two doses of vaccine and waiting to receive for the 3rd dose if eligible.
  5. If a student has received two doses of the vaccine before infection, they will be considered as having received three doses of vaccine.