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Posted: September 23, 2022

Coraline Lo – Badminton. Hong Kong National Youth Team
During the summer Coraline has been participating in the “Hong Kong Bank of China Badminton Competition” U15 girl singles. It is one of the biggest competitions in the whole of Hong Kong and is held once a year. After winning 4 hard matches, she was able to get into the finals and compete with fellow teammates who train with Coraline in the Hong Kong National Youth team. After a fairly close and exciting game, the results were 20:22, and 13:21, and Coraline was awarded first runner-up. We are very proud of Coraline’s achievements.

Aryan Chandiramani – Cricket. U19 Hong Kong National Team, World Cup Qualifiers
We would like to congratulate Aryan on being selected in the squad of 14 to travel to Oman and compete at the U19 World Cup Qualifiers. The tournament is a great opportunity for the team to represent Hong Kong and pursue qualification for World Cup Qualifiers – Asia Division 1. Aryan will be competing in the tournament from 27 September, and we will be watching very closely in support. Congratulations once again! Keep working hard in preparation for the tournament and all the best for the tournament itself.

Rosanna Chen – Tennis. Hong Kong Tennis Association U18 National Programme
Congratulations Rosie for your selection into the U18 National training squad. Your commitment to an intensive training schedule and competition is very impressive. We look forward to sharing your successes with our community throughout the year.

Rising Stars:
Jamie Chen and Parth Sane have recently been selected to join the Hong Kong Tennis Association U12 and U14 National Tennis Programmes. Congratulations on your achievements, and we look forward to seeing you grow in your sports as you continue to train hard with the HKTA.

Have you got something to celebrate with us? Please email our Director of Co-Curricular / Sports Coordinator, Lydia Clohesy, at