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Do You Want to Work at Discovery College?

Posted: September 16, 2022

Right now we are looking for enthusiastic, positive, and supportive individuals to work as Supply Educational Assistants in Primary. Are you interested? We would love to have people from our own community filling these roles. 

What Does ‘Supply’ mean?
Whenever one of our EAs are unwell and can’t make it into school, we look to find someone to replace them for the day.  Those are our Supply EAs.  If you’re on the Supply EA List you would be contacted the night before or, sometimes, that morning to see if you are available to cover.

What does an Educational Assistant Do?
Primarily, an EA assists the classroom teacher and supports the students in the classroom.  This could mean:

  • Reading with a group of students
  • Working with individual students to support their writing or mathematics
  • Preparing learning materials for different lessons
  • Taking the class to a Specialist lesson or to the library
  • Doing a lunchtime duty on the playground

Educational Assistants are a vital part of our primary classrooms and that is why we want to ensure there is always one available each day.

How do I Apply to be a Supply EA?
If you’re interested in learning more, please contact about how you would apply.