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Primary Update

Posted: September 16, 2022

Dear parents and carers,

Although this week has been a short one, it has been full of wonderful moments. From students bringing in entries to our Grow.Discover.Dream competition, to heartfelt discussions on the playground about family events over the long weekend, to our Year 5 assembly today. There is a real sense of happiness that floods the corridors.

This week I wanted to shine a light on Physical Education. I particularly enjoy viewing our students’ excitement about their PE lessons, which makes me reminisce about my younger years. I fondly remember Sports Days, a wide array of clubs and all of the sports competitions available to me. The value of arts and sport as part of a holistic curriculum should not be underestimated for its ability to provide intrinsic motivation, team building skills, problem solving and leadership opportunities, and its cathartic quality.

Having spent some time this week thinking and reflecting about their PE sessions, I wanted to share some of our students’ thoughts with you. 

“I like PE, because there are different activities, and we use a lot of teamwork”. ~ Hannah 2LMR

“I am open-minded, because I can do new skills that Mr T teaches me”.  ~ Quanbie 2LKT

‘I like PE, because we can go swimming and learn new techniques. My favourite thing about swimming time is when we can do free time and choose which type of swimming we can do. In free time, I choose breaststroke, because it’s the easiest for me!

You need to be courageous and principled so that you try new things and stay safe. When we are not swimming, I like the games related to sports. In Year 2, I loved the game Spiders and Scorpions!’

Sara P. Year 6

A note from our fantastic PE teachers, Mr DeBarr and Mr Trimingham, regarding current learning in PE sessions. 

Year 1:

In P.E, students have started the year taking part in different games and activities that have allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the spaces available to us. The most important thing has been that we are able to move safely in this space with and amongst others. Safety is the number one priority in PE, and it is important to build this understanding from early years. We are now moving onto more group challenges. We have also been learning to self regulate and work with others as part of a team. We have met Pinky, Bob, Blob, and Bobbly, who are keeping an eye on us at various times to make sure we are having fun and staying safe.

Years 2 & 3:

We have started the year with our Adventure Challenge unit. This involves us working together with others, as part of a team during tag games as well as working in different sized groups for other challenges and activities. We have been discussing what strengths and skills we might need to be a good team member, and students have come up with a whole range of ideas including: listening, looking, empathy, self regulation, humility, caring, thinkers, open-minded, courageous, communicators, perseverance, fairness, honesty, and teamwork. It has been great to see them working with others during these different challenges and forming positive relationships.

Years 4,5 and 6 

At the beginning of the year, the DC swimming pool walls echoed excitement and enthusiasm especially displayed in the faces of our Year 4s who have not had the opportunity to swim, during school time. The pool never fails to provide a welcomed cool down during these hotter weeks. Years 4 to 6 are now moving on to Hockey and increasing their skills. This will lead to games which will be super exciting and will build upon team building, resilience, and being a great communicator. 

In other Primary School news, our Year 5 assembly saw the following students gain an award for various reasons linked to their learning whilst striving to be the best they can be. 

  • Eli Rochester 5CGK
  • Riyaan Parikh 5JES
  • Anna Grasby 5EKT
  • Chloe de Pauw 5SSH

I’m sure you will join me in congratulating them for their learning achievements. Finally, our assemblies end with those students who would like to share their talents, so I thank Ethan (5SSH), Caelyn 5JES and Ariya (5EKT) for their lovely contribution.

As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your children. 

Mrs Cathrae
Head of Primary