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Reminder to submit or update your child’s Vaccination records

Posted: September 2, 2022

With the announcement of new parameters for the COVID-19 Health and Safety Regulations, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our families to make sure they have submitted their child’s vaccination records into our system in Ding! VLE using the ESF App.  Also, we ask that you please ensure that if your child’s vaccination status has changed, or changes in the future, that you update the details on the ESF App. 

What is still clear from the government’s communications with schools is that the vaccination status of students continues to be an important measure to combat the virus. Vaccination status impacts on specific matters of school operation for your child, and for all students, at school including:

1. Increased vaccination rates could allow us to adjust our lunch scheduling, leading to greater flexibility and more opportunities for lunchtime activities

As and when student double-dose vaccination is above 90%, we may be able to revise our lunch plans and this may in turn make it more possible for us to run more lunchtime activities as students will have greater flexibility over their eating schedule.

2. Only students who are vaccinated will be able to take part in co-curricular activities

As has been made clear by the EDB, across all schools in Hong Kong co-curricular activities can only be made available to vaccinated students. DC is resuming a variety of forms of co-curricular activity this term. A higher proportion of vaccinated students means more students can access these activities, and the activities themselves are more likely to run with viable numbers.

3. Vaccination means that students who are close contacts of household members can potentially return to school more quickly following home quarantine

People who become close contacts by virtue of a household member testing positive for Covid-19 are, in general, required to isolate at home and therefore students in this situation cannot attend school during such a period. Vaccinated individuals can potentially leave home quarantine after 7 days if they test negative on the specified occasions as per government requirements.

Considering all of the above, we recognise the importance of having the vaccination, medical exemption, or other health records for all of our students.  Thank you for your support with this effort.