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Top-up option will be disabled from ESF Payment System

Posted: September 23, 2022

Effective Monday 26 September, the Top Up option within the ESF Payment System will be disabled. As we are gradually moving to a “Pay as you go” payment platform, it will be much simpler and clearer to settle payment on what is being charged. Please refer to the FAQs below for additional information. Should you have any questions, please contact our ePayment team at

1. What happen to my remaining balance in the ESF Payment System?
Your remaining balance will remain in your account and will be used to offset any upcoming charges. (i.e. Your remaining balance: $200. Outstanding PTA fee: $300. When you settle outstanding PTA fee in the system via PPS or credit card, you will be charged at $100 Thereafter, your account balance will be zero and you will settle any upcoming payment as “Pay as you go”.)

2. If my child withdraw from DC now, what happen to my remaining balance?
Once we have received your child withdrawn notice, we will send you a refund form to be completed with your bank account information for us to process.

3. My child has an activity that was suspended and we will receive a refund from DC. What happen to the refund amount?
Your refund amount will remain in your account within the ESF Payment System and will be used to offset any upcoming charges.

4. What is the benefits of “Pay as you go” payment mechanism?

  • Provide a clear picture for parents on what is being charged
  • Maintain a zero balance on your account, no refund process required when your child withdraw or graduate from DC